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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

My husband has been wanting to take our daughter to a Tiger's game and I'm somewhat boycotting it. Mainly for these reasons: it can be expensive, the games seem to be during her nap time (1:05pm) or near her bed time (7:05pm), and because she really won't understand what is going on.

I decided we needed a less expensive, less serious trial run at a Lansing Lugnuts game. So out of the blue, I bought two tickets online and we went on a somewhat chilly and cloudy Sunday game. I think they were playing the Whitecaps, but I really don't know. We got there early and everything about it was great - no traffic, cheap parking, barely anyone in the stadium, it was kid's day so there were balloon animals, and zoo animals and bounce houses and you could go onto the field. 

As expected, Rachel "lasted" for quite a while but then around 3pm she hit her breaking point of being overly tired, and so we left and she crashed in the car. She was so excited about their mascot, Luggie, the 8th wonder of the world that I was calling a purple dinosaur. She walked by him but didn't want to look at our touch him when she was close up. Throughout the game she would spot him and tell us what he was doing. We let her have a treat - m&ms and I think that made her very happy. This was her first minor league baseball game.

I know all of my blog stalkers just want photos of my kid, so here she is. 

Baby came to the game and went onto the field before the game. 


She really enjoyed these cup holders.