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My (2nd) Mother's Day Gift

With all the stress and sadness of Rockwell going to Heaven, I failed to mention the awesome Mother's Day gift I received from Rachel - made by her with the help of her teachers! And if you are counting, you know that technically this is my third Mother's Day. But last year I was in Germany over Mother's Day so Rachel didn't bring me a gift from school. The year before I got this.

I brought this wrapped present home on Thursday, and couldn't wait to open it. As soon as I got home and brought it into the house, I dove into the white paper bag that was decorated with stickers. This cute present brought tears to my eyes! The best part was when Rachel said, "I made that." And was telling me in semi-jibberish how she used paint on her hands.


I have since gotten rid of the "container" and saved the "flowers" for her scrapbook. I can't wait to lay them out on a 12x12 page, I already know how I want it!