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Father's Day 2012

My husband was racing in Bowling Green, Kentucky with his father over Father's Day, so I wasn't in a rush to get anything for him in a timely manner (which is very unlike me). But my daughter's school was on the ball with gifts, and Rachel picked out a "teddy bear" card for her dad and she had a lot of fun giving him a gift on his special day when he returned home. I loved her enthusiasm this year! She was very into giving her dad his gifts.

Signing the card a few days before dad comes home. Notice Big Boy was also watching. She was taking to him the entire time. "See, Big Boy..."

Handing her dad the bag/gift she made at school:



Excitement followed the photo above. She said, "I made that, with paint" followed by some jibberish, some gestures showing her hands and then saying, "with my hand." Here was the message that was in the bottle.

Showing him the card she picked out:

I recall her saying, "I made that."