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Happy Birthday Behind the Scenes

I'm a Background Whore meaning in every photo I look at, I always notice what is in the background. Well, I posted this photo on Facebook and was aware of what was in the background and looking at it thought I needed to "clean up" my birth announcement board and get rid of that bag on my chair. But I failed to notice what was in the foreground of this photo until my friend H sent me a message. She said, "That pic of Dan with the cake, what's that card on the table? A bathing suit or something." Take a look for yourself.


I thought about sharing this card after I shared my daughter's birthday card to her dad, but since my husband was not too happy about my card selection, I decided not to. But after H noticed it, I had to show the world. 


On the inside it says
Your Birthday, Your Fantasy.
Not my Business!

I told my friend H I would send it to her since she noticed it in the photo. I dug it out of the recycle bin and it's on its way to her house.