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Proud Parent

I haven't talked about it much, because there really isn't much to talk about. My daughter has microtia, atresia of her right ear, meaning she has no hole/no opening and is missing a full sized, fully developed ear. She was born this way and we've taken the necessary steps to ensure she is as healthy and normal as she can be. And so far, she is. She's hitting all milestones, she is not delayed in anything and if you saw her in a room of "normal" kids her age, there is no way you would be able to point her out as the kid missing the ear. Most recently I had her speech and language clinically tested at U of M to create a baseline to ensure she continues to improve and not hit any set backs in her learning and development.

Of course I think my daughter's speech and language is great for an almost three year old. She talks a lot, and I attribute that to the fact that I talk a lot to her and with her no matter where we are and I've always talked a lot to her, even when she was an infant in the car seat at the grocery store! Her sentences are complex, her memory is good and she does mix up a few words which always make me laugh. Most recently she was calling Thanksgiving, Kindergarten. Anyhow, at her evaluation I was super happy to learn my daughter has the vocabulary of a 3 year, 8 month old child. And her speech is normal, and falls right in the center of being normal for a child her age - meaning she has an issue with all the things kids her age struggle with - Saying "L's" and "Fr" words. 

So there's my gloating, I'm a proud parent of this amazing child: there she is, just sitting on her blocks, wearing a butterfly antennas and wings, pretending to cook and eat....