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New Year Resolutions

2013 is here! Yikes! It's crazy to me to be at the store and see the age to purchase alcohol is 1992! I know where I was in 1992 and what I was doing and seeing the year 1992 makes me feel O-L-D and I'm only in my 30s! What will happen when that sign says 2002!?!?

So with the new year comes the standard resolutions that I thought I might share with my loyal stalkers, if I still have any. As always I want to: 

Eat Better/Stay Healthy

Exercise More/Add Exercise to my Daily Lifestyle

Send more handwritten notes and cards

And this year I thought of a few more: 

Get to know small businesses in my downtown! There are a few that I drive by all the time and have never been inside, so my goal is to go into each one at least once this year and see what they have and offer. You never know, that lighting store might have a sweet gift department or become my go-to electrical part store in the future. Besides, I consider this SHOPPING so how AWFUL can that be?!?

Make 1 crock pot meal a week - this because I got a new crock pot that I can actually leave on for 12+ hours when I am at work and commuting and not have burnt food when I return home. 

Of course I need to continue to blog...and I'm slacking. But right now I'm working on scrapbooking because I'm going to a WEEKEND event in February and hope to goodness that I can get a ton done! So far I can usually complete one month a day and I work on the project 2-3 days a week. I'm in the calendar year 2012 so that is where all of my extra digital time is spent on the computer, not on blogging. 

Happy 2013!