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A Not-So-Good, Good Friday

This past Friday was Good Friday and I was overjoyed to find out my husband did not have to work because I had to schedule a prenatal appointment at 1:10pm because that was all that was available. This time was right in the middle of my 3 year old's nap time and knowing my husband would be home meant he could stay home with her while I went to the appointment alone. This was also the "vaginal swab" appointment as I call it - testing for Group B Strep. So it would be nice to not have to explain to my daughter why the doctor was "down there" or why I had to get halfway naked. PLUS after my appointment I could go to the grocery store alone and stop at any other store I wanted to stop at without having to haul a 30 pounder in and out of the car.

My trip to the doctor's office on a Good Friday afternoon began with a ridiculous amount of traffic - not sure if it was the time of day I was out (usually all my appointments are before 10am) or the fact that it was lunchtime, or Good Friday and most people were off, or if the beautiful sunshine had brought everyone outside. But it was annoying. 

After arriving at my appointment, having the baby's heart rate checked and discovering it was 110, the doctor wanted to "put me on the monitor." I had no idea what this meant. Then, I found out I had to wait 20-30 minutes in the waiting room because another woman was "on the monitor" and as soon as she was done, it was my turn. (Good thing my three year old wasn't with me!) I sat in the waiting room and a slew of emotions began to come over me. Mostly the thought that my baby was dying inside of my belly as I sat there and waited. I could feel my eyes fill with water as I frantically texted and called my husband, asking him to reply. And this is where I go into my side note:

My husband had just returned the night before and left/lost his phone somewhere between Atlanta and Flint. He wasn't certain where it was, but we began an online lost and found claim with the airport. We were using a super old flip phone we have, that carries his personal number on it (which is forwarded to his work phone) to check his work messages and allow him to have a way to make a call if he needed to. I was calling and texting this phone and number with no response from him, so this made me freak out even more!

When I was called back into the room, I was told I was having an NST test or Non Stress Test. I thought I would just be sitting in this chair relaxing and monitoring my baby's heart rate and then i was given a button. I was told to push the Jeopardy like button every time I felt movement. And of course, at first, there was no movement. I was immediately taken back to hearing tests in grade school. You'd put those headphones on and raise your hand when you heard the sound. It took you a minute to realize how quiet that sound was, and I would freak out right away when I thought I missed the first few sounds. That I'd be wearing hearing aids in no time.

Well, I figured if I missed some movement, I'd be in the hospital within the hour (part of the text to my husband said to pack food for our daughter, because she's always hungry when we get into the car, and that way, if he had to meet me at the hospital, he'd at least be prepared with food for her.) 

Right off the bat the test began "looking good" as the nurse said. I drank some ice water, watched the monitor, and pushed my button when I felt movement. 20 minutes later I was set to leave and everything "looked good" according to the doctor. Whew. I left an hour or so behind my "schedule" but survived. And my husband did call, but by that time, I was sitting in the recliner pushing the button and my phone was on vibrate, so I missed it. He never did get my text - because he wasn't sure how to check it on the "jitterbug" as we call that phone. 

So after getting a hold of my husband - his phone was located by Delta and was shipping to him that day - I went to the grocery store near my doctor's office. I walked in, and grabbed a cart and turned around and walked out. I realized I had asked my doctor to send the prescription to the other grocery store I frequent. So I hopped back into my car, and drove toward that one, which was on the way home so it wasn't that far out of the way. When I arrived at the second store, the pharmacy didn't have my script, so I called the doctor's office. Of course they were dealing with unexpected high call volumes, so I shopped and after 18 minutes of holding and talking to the receptionist, it was all squared away and I got what I needed. 30 minutes later I am done shopping, so I swing by the pharmacy and am told my script 'just came in' and it would be about 20 minutes. Sigh. By this time it's almost 5pm and I realize I just need to get my stuff and get out of here. 

BUT, it doesn't end there - there are a lot of checkout lanes open, and of course I pick the one with the woman who has probably over 50 cards on top of a cart full of groceries. I wait a while as I watch the lady next to me, who got in line at the same time, go on her merry way, and the next and the next and finally I remove myself from the line and pick another. I felt like I was in line for so long that I had read all the gossip articles I wanted to read! It was brutal.

So my relaxing day, Good Friday, spending an afternoon alone was not really enjoyed! It was stressful, emotional and I am so glad it is over!