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Traditional Anniversary Gifts

My husband and I are dorks - and we know this - and that's why we get along so well! We try to follow the traditional gifts for our wedding anniversary. I have this chart on our refrigerator and reference it once a year when our anniversary comes. He seems much better at following it than I am, but this year, I'm planning ahead because when our anniversary comes, our newborn will be less than 2 weeks old so I have to be on top of my game!

This is our 5th Wedding Anniversary. And as the chart shows, the gift is "wood." I see this and think, "This chart stinks! What sort of gift will I get him that is wooden or related to wood!" And for those who do have a sick mind (like myself), the obvious is not an option here! It must be a material gift! 

So I begin to scour the internet and within a few days I find a few items that I think might work and I thought about sharing them with you because "wood" gifts are "hard"  to find.

Wooden Pocket Knife
Wooden Mechanical Pencil or Pen
Wood Handled Ice Cream Scoop (he does love Ice Cream, but I'm thinking of the woman who will have to hand wash that sucker)
Wood cutting boards and cooking knives are always and option, but my husband really won't use them because he doesn't cook.
Wood Personalized Signs for bars or man caves
Wood Box
Wood Bottle Stopper/Cork for those who love wine.
Wood Handled Razors - Etsy has these neat wood handled shaving razors

I went with the following: 

1-A block of wood in his lunch box, that read: I've been married to Kari for 5 years and all I got was this piece of wood. 


2-A handmade wood pen that looked like a 30 caliber bullet/gun. (from etsy)


3-A wood handled pocket knife (From etsy, which I later learned was a composite/fake wood!)

Of course I was SO PROUD of my wood gifts, that this year, my husband didn't follow the list. But that was okay, I got some hanging baskets/flowers that I love!