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Lets Help Procello Find an Apartment in Erie, PA

Since it is a well know fact that Leyland, Dombrowski, Rick Knapp Al Avila, Glen Ezell, several scouts and Detroit Tiger Personnel read this site on a regular basis, I'm going to start my campaign to make sure that Porcello doesn't make the trip from Lakeland to Comerica, at least not at the start of the season.  Regardless of his stuff and his maturity, he is not ready.  Below is why.

First off, I hope that he gets a bunch of shit from the veterens at spring training for allowing the photo above to go to print.  If he doesn't, I have no confidence in the clubhouse chemistry for the Tigers this year.

So how do we convince him that Erie is the place for him come April?  Well, he is from New Jersey, so he already knows about the deliciousness that is Yuengling.  Plus, he is only 20 years old, so that won't legally work anyway.

I've never been to Erie, but have driven through, and did't see anything to really draw anyone there, especially a 20 year old millionaire.  Not that Detroit is all that, but it is that enough to beat Erie, pretty much hands down.

There is Lake Erie...oh wait, never mind, scratch that.

So I'm not sure what, but we got to think of something, and quick, camp breaks in less than a month.

Quick check of Procello's stats, and the first thing that jumps out to me is IP, or innings pitched.  The most innings he has pitched in a season was last year in the Florida Coast League when he pitched 125.  He was also on a 75 pitch count last year.

He is not physically ready for the show, at least not a full season in the show.  By all acounts his stuff might be, and his mental make up seems to be, but he is not ready for the 175 - 200 innings that might come with a full MLB season.

"Well, it worked with Verlander." is what the more passive Tiger fan might say.  Verlander played in college, and then had a full season in the minor leagues.  He had some years with some extra work, and he was a couple years older than Porcello.  Maybe his drop in 08 was because of his workload in 06 (don't forget to add in all the post season games) and 07, who knows?

I'm not against him coming up this year, don't read this post that way.  Call him up after the all star break if he tears things up in Erie (and/or Toledo).  If someone gets hurt (Bondo, you listening?), call him up then.  If anyone just has the wheels fall off (Willis and Robertson, you listening?), call him up.  Make him a September call up, just don't put the burden of a full season on him this year.

There is a scenario where I might allow this:

Limit him to 75 - 85 pitches a game, and keep Miner around to come in for Porcello, almost every start.  If he has a no-no going into the 7th, but has thrown 82 pitches, in comes Miner, NO EXCEPTIONS!  It would almost be like two starters, Porcello will get you to the 5th or so, and Miner will get you to the "bullpen".

This also gives you a security blanket if something goes wrong.  If he has trouble with big league hitters, insert Miner, if his pitches and innings start to climb, shut him down, and bring in Miner to start.  You could also let Miner spot start here and there to limit Porcello's work.

I truely believe the best thing is for him to start things off in Erie to watch his development.  The problem is that Willis and Robertson have been a horrific mess so far this spring (I know it is early yet) and Porcello has looked very good (I know it is early) that you hear more and more that he will be the 5th guy.

So lets hope my previous prediction is correct (I still have faith in you D-Train) and that Willis gets if figured out by the end of this month and wins that spot.  With his contract, I feel if he is at least part of the way decent, they are going to bring him north and give him a crack at it.  If he is shakey, then lets talk at that point about who they should get to replace him.

Chances are good the name will still be Porcello.

By the way, some of you might be asking who is Al Avila and Glen Ezell?  That would be the assistant General Manager, and the Director of Player Development in the Tigers organization.  Yes, I'm that big a baseball snob.

Thanks For Stopping By - Dan

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