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Doggone Great! Faux Shearling...

I love my dogs and obviously talk about the, photograph them and baby them. I wouldn't trade them for the world, but sometimes, I with they were smaller.

Rockwell weighs in at 118 lbs, and Cletus tops the scale around 99 lbs. Rockwell has short hair, Cletus has long hair, Rockwell is the younger Big Fella, Cletus is our (Old) Wise Man. Each of them is alike and different in so many ways. They remind me of children. You hear parents describe their children as this one being the drama queen, that one being very particular, the other free spirited. In this case, I describe both of them as being too big, or having too much hair because I want to get them each a sweater.

Yes, I want my dog to have a sweater or shirt to wear. But I run into several obstacles. Cletus has long hair and is hot all the time, therefore he's out for a sweater. Rockwell has short hair but is too big for any of the "normal" dog attire they sell in local retail stores. He qualifies for the "Big and Tall" dog clothing only for sale on the internet and I'm too cheap to buy them! But yesterday I received the Doggone Great! Faux Shearling Dog Coat flyer in the mail!


They had an XL size that would only cost me $14.95 plus $3.95 for shipping! What a deal! All Rockwell had to do was fit into the 22"-24" category. I found on the flyer how to find his size: Measure collar area to base of tail to determine size.

I broke out the tape measure and tried to get Rockwell to stand still. It was difficult since he wanted to eat and smell and lick the tape measure. I managed to measure him at 28"-30", depending on if he had his head up or down. Bummer, again he missed out on this fabulous Faux Shearling Coat! What is Shearling anyway?

Maybe it's for the best, I still have the money in my pocket and with Rockwell's shape, it may have fit him from neck to tail, but could have been tight around the belly. Then there is the other obvious reason not to get him a coat, he would probably hate it and try to tear it off his body!