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Power Cooking

I frequently volunteer to bringing a dish to my parent's house and my in laws house for the holidays. I figure it's the least I can do since they are hosting a house full of people, proving us with the main dish and beverages. This year I offered to bring lasagna on Christmas Eve and cheesy potatoes, salad and dessert for Christmas Day. It's pretty standard that I have to make these creations a day or so before the events, and this year I ran into a big pickle, and had to make lots of items in one night. 

Dan and I didn't get home on Tuesday night until 8pm. He took me to work that day and then off to the race shop he went. He picked me up, took me to the gym, while he did errands and by the time we ate and got home in the snowstorm, it was after 8. First order of business was lasagna and cheesy potatoes. While I was making lasagna, Dan was hard at work on mixing HIS cheesy potatoes. Next up were brownies, he made the entire batch himself, and I moved on to the salad. By 9pm, we had four dishes done: lasagna, brownies, salad and potatoes. I recall looking at the clock when we began and it was 22 minutes after 8. We just completed a Power Cooking session. Maybe we should start a TV show...

I cannot tell you how fast, helpful and wonderful this power cooking session was with my husband. He was awesome, he'd finish one job and ask me what was next. After cooking he was onto putting the clean dishes away and then snowblowing the driveway. I guess his next "cooking lesson" on his blog can be him teaching me how to cook something...


I find it interesting that his "helping" you did not only involve taste testing, which is what happens in my house. I usually have to make a double batch of everything.

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