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New Year - New Plans

No matter how hard I try to NOT have a New Year's resolution, I always have a list of things in my head I want and do not want to do in the coming new year. I remember this list for about a month. I would say I abide by about 1/3 of the list.

This year Dan and I are on a serious spending freeze come January 1st. We haven't been out of control with any of our money, we are very conscious of how much we have, how much we spend and how much we should be saving. We are just looking to save more because you never know what else is going to happen in the auto industry... I'm already looking for loop holes in this spending freeze such as sneaking things into the "grocery bill" when I am at Meijer. I'm going to try hard not to, I have two Target gift cards burning a hole in my wallet right now, but I'm saving them for when I am really desperate (I'd say by mid-February) to buy something not on our list.

I'm sure we'll fall off the wagon a few times, but the two of us are wise with our spending. We like to research our purchase, attempt to find the best item and the best deal. We rarely purchase something on impulse, and Dan has found a gas station that will give him a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Cappuccino for FREE if he puts 8 gallons of gas in his car! 

These thoughts have led me to wonder if there is a top 10 list of New Year's resolutions. Sure enough, that internet has EVERYTHING! About.com has the Top 10 list. My resolutions match 3 on the list:

Number 3 - Tame the Bulge. Don't we all wish we could lose 10 lbs (or more!)

Number 7 - Get out of Debt (see above)

Number 9 - Help Others. This will happen because we regularly donate to Last Chance Rescue, JDRF, the American Cancer Society, and the Special Olympics. But each year I try to do more. I'm sure 2009 will include the Travis Chellis Foundation as well.

We wish everyone a happy, healthy, New Year and hope that when 2010 comes around, you aren't repeating and relisting items on your resolution list!


I would like to know more about the Travis Chellis foundation. Rob may get a kick out of this.

After I sent out my Christmas cards and let people know who we donated to over the past year, Mr. Chellis was upset he didn't receive his check for the Travis Chellis Foundation.
I know we missed him. I think it will be a foundation to help young men who have been over served during their time of need.

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