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Read the Fine Print

Lately I've been obsessed with reading the fine print. I see it flash across the bottom of the television screen during commercials and I zone in on the text at the bottom and struggle to read it before the screen changes. When I do read the fine print, I feel like I've mastered all of the gimmicky infomercials and "know their secret". Here are a few of my observations.

Commercial For: Nutrisystem (www.nutrisystem.com)
What they say: Save $55 per week on groceries! That's over $600 a year with the Nutrisystem plan!
Fine Print: The price of Nutrisystem does not include the fresh groceries that are a requirement for the plan
What I say: You can easily spend $55 a week on fresh fruits and vegetables that need to be added to the plan!

Product: Maxwell House Coffee
What the package says: 1 serving of water is 6 ozs.
What I say: Who on earth drinks 6 ozs of coffee as a serving! I don't think you can even get a 6 oz cup of coffee at a gas station, even the Starbucks coffee "Tall" starts at a 12 oz cup. 

Product & Commercial for: Any weight loss pill, drink or bar
What they say: This item will help you lose weight and fast!
Fine Print: Results not typical, individuals are remunerated.
What I say: Remunerated = Paid. If anyone paid me to lose weight, I would lose it!



I wish I was remunerated! Never heard of this word until your Blog. :)

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