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K9 Blood Drive


We recently made an appointment for Rockwell to donate blood. Yes, blood. When I tell people Rockwell donated blood, they ask, "For what?" He donated blood just has humans do, to help others. Others being other dogs who may need blood because they are sick, for surgery, a transfusion or for any other unforeseen accident that may occur.

So, on a snowy, cold, slippery Saturday, we drove to the Midwest Animal Blood Services in Stockbridge, Michigan. We filled out a few forms, Rockwell was weighed, his temperature was taken, and a small sample of blood was nabbed from his neck. This sample was to rule out any obvious issues and diseases he may have.




Rockwell then moved into the donation room, where four people helped keep him on the table. He did very well on the table. It was necessary for everyone to hold him down for the entire donation period so the needle would not come out of his neck. He was relatively happy on the table, he passed some gas, drooled on the floor and got lots of attention from me. He donated 400 mL of blood total. Enough to help at least two, maybe three dogs!


After the sample was taken, his neck was wrapped in a bandage, and he was sent home with a bag of treats, new toy and a fabulous bandanna. 



We will receive a full profile very soon and there is a chance Rockwell's blood will not be usable if he has any health issues. One is 15 dogs is considered a "universal donor" which means they can donate for every different dog blood type. Otherwise, just like humans, dogs have several different blood types and they can be very complex.


After reading this, I hope you realize pets need blood, too! It's usually something we don't think about until something happens to our pets! I'm not saying you should run to your vet to bank your dog's blood (like Kramer on Seinfeld) but I am suggesting you look into the possibility of your pet being a donor. Cats qualify, as well as horses and cows, and possibly other animals in metropolitan areas. Check around, you'd be surprised, there may be an animal blood bank in your area, or coming to your area soon!


This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Maybe I should take Liberace.

Sara, I'm heart broken. Why is this the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard of? It's just the same as the American Red Cross and their blood drive for people. Pets need blood, too! And I think it would be a wonderful experience for Liberace. He would get a super cute bandanna and a treat bag just like Rockwell!

Kari, I think it's a FANTASTIC thing and I am so proud of you and of Rockwell! Recently two of my pet-sitting doggie clients developed blood diseases where their immune systems attacked their red blood cells. One of the poor guys didn't make it--a German Shepherd named Jake--but the other one, a beautiful girly Field Spaniel named Emma, was SAVED BECAUSE SHE GOT A BLOOD TRANSFUSION!! Then they put her on steriods to build her up, and it was touch and go for a bit, but now she is 100% well. So it's a wonderful, generous, brave, enormously thoughtful thing to do...kudos kudos kudos, and give Rockwell a beggin' strip for me!

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