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Store Greeters

I've realized when I go to the store I want to be "waited on" at the check out lanes. I don't want to scan my cart load of groceries myself, I don't want to put my coupons in the little slot, I don't want to wait for a person to check my ID so I can buy a bottle of Admiral Nelson's and I don't want to bag my own groceries. But at the big box store I frequent, there are less cashier lanes open and more self serve so I end of giving into their scheme. I get over it when I realize I can get paper bags and put things the way I want them in my bags.

Lately I've been very crabby about the store greeters. Sure, they are nice, or appear to be nice, since their job is to smile at people and welcome them to the store. I know the attempt is to discourage shoplifters, but even when the store alarms go off by the door, you don't see them running to check your shopping bag for pilfered merchandise. They casually walk up to you, and as embarassing and annoying as it is for an alarm to go off when you are leaving with your purchased goods, you usually open the bag a bit, pull out your receipt and they wave for you to continue out the door. I don't think everyone should be strip searched when the buzzer sounds, but at least check the items in the bag match the receipt!

And what happened to the greeters keeping the cart area organized, keeping the carts clean and getting you a cart? Now they just stand there and watch me struggle trying to get two mis-shapen carts apart, remove the garbage in the cart and go on my merry way. Why can't they pull the carts out of the bin for me and get them "lined up" so I can easily and quickly begin my shopping experience? They used to do that, carts seemed to be a serious part of their job: 1-smile, make eye contact, 2-welcome the customer 3-give them a cart if they need one! 


I pass three grocery stores on my way to the one where I don't have to wait in line or bag my own groceries.

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