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Premier Designs Jewelry

I recently attended a Premier Designs Jewelry party. It was your standard at home party: a blurb about this, a blurb about that, chatter here, chatter there, catalogs, chocolate martinis, wine, food, and go home happy. We've all been to them. And they are fun to go to and I think it's always nice to buy at least one thing to help out not only the hostess, who is also helping out the consultant. But, at this party, something very different happened. It happened so quickly it made me stop and really think.

I was listening to the consultant tell about the jewelry as I was flipping through the catalog and sipping my martini when she said, "All of the jewelry is made in the USA." I was amazed. I almost asked her to say that again. Was she serious? Is that possible? I started to take a better look at the catalog.

Then I heard, "Premier Designs is a debt-free company." I thought to myself, "Debt-free company, what is that? I've never heard of that. Does that mean the government doesn't ever have to bail you out?" It was explained to me as this: The consultant gets 50% of the profits, the host gets 30% and the company (Premier Designs) gets 20%. After Premier Designs pays its bills and employees, any left over money is donated to ministries and missionary families across the globe. I found this fact fascinating. It made me want to buy more!

Four hours, three pieces of jewelry and two chocolate martinis later, I was back home still thinking about this company. I wanted to share it with my husband, but he was already in bed, since it was after 11 on a weeknight! Sorry if we hung out to late at your house Amy, it was lots of fun and next time I won't stay so late on a school night! 

If you are interested in hosting a show or purchasing jewelry, please contact Lynn Kofahl through the Premier Designs website, or email me for more information kstrohs@hotmail.com.