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"Wait for the noodle..."

"Wait for the noodle," I tell myself as I approach my vehicle in the morning and open the door to get in. I try to tell myself this every time I get into my new truck. Yes, I am officially a trick driver. Dan has my car, I have our new truck to drive back and forth to work. A savings plan since his commute is so much father than mine, and his 1995 Dodge Dually with $325,000+ miles on it no longer has 3rd gear, so it was time for a new vehicle.

We purchased a 2005 Dodge Ram (of course) 2500 quad cab truck. It's red and big. I'm still getting used to parking it. I can get into the parking spot, but I never pull up close enough to the other vehicle. Thankfully it doesn't have a full size bed. I would hit every curb in sight.  As for the noodle, It's a diesel, so you have to warm it up before starting it, which means you have to wait for the "noodle" light to turn off before turning the key all the way. I've forgotten twice, but as long as I keep telling myself to wait for the noodle, I'm all set.



I have never driven a diesel... doesn't sound like a fun parking job. However I have always wished someday that i could afford to tow my car to races instead of having to drive it there and change the wheels on site (not fun, but I have gotten faster).

So maybe someday my Team PLP will have a truck... and I wonder if it will have a "noodle" light?

Now you know if you ever drive a diesel, you'll have to "wait for the noodle" before starting the vehicle. AND, you have to remember to put Diesel fuel, not gasoline in the vehicle!

Someday you'll have a truck, and trailer to haul your car to the racetrack. Then the rockstar motorhome, for Novali, Heather and all of the children you have along the way.


I am a noodle virgin! I never knew that you had to do that with diesel trucks. Congrats on the new ride! Trucks are great fun!

I didn't know you were a "trick driver" does that mean you drive around prositutes? hehe.

PS. Maybe the kids smashed your mailbox because you told their mom she needed more diamonds in order to have a happy marriage.

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