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Giving to Others & Yourself

I cannot believe how much “free money” is out there. Thanks to the internet, schools, nonprofit organizations and normal people like you and I can make money for other people or ourselves. 

I recently pulled a page from my Real Simple magazine. The title Give a Little (or a lot) (Real Simple January 20009 page 83) suggests the following:

1-”Surf Selflessly. With every online search, goodsearch.com donates a penny to a charity of your choosing.”
I logged onto www.goodsearch.com, picked my charity (Last Chance Rescue, of course) and then I began searching! For every search I preform, Last Chance Rescue gets one penny. It may not be much but do you know how many times I do a google search during the day? Lets just say if I don’t know something I “google it” and I have everyone at the office “googling it”, as well. 

The trick, how am I going to remember to always visit goodsearch.com before I need to look up something, well, my genius idea was to create a toolbar in my web browser (Firefox) that always showed goodsearch. Have I lost you? Well, most browsers have some sort of default search bar, such as google, yahoo, etc. This enables you to quickly search for something without first going to the search engine website. You can always change the search engine, so I did just that. Now when I go into the handy dandy toolbar, I don’t search google as I did before, but goodsearch! In the three hours since I started using goodsearch, I think I’ve earned Last Chance Rescue about 7 cents!

2-”Find an heir for Jane Eyre. At ILoveSchools.com, teachers create wish lists; donors can use the site to make a match.”

I brought up this website and began searching schools in my area and to my dismay, I found one school! I set out to find my hometown school and there is one teacher taking part in this donation program. He was my high school pre-calc teacher and is in need of calculators. Graphing calculators are most desirable, but any type will work. I know I have one of those calculators some where, I just need to find it. And when I do, I'm donating it to Mr. Rubringer!

After I was unable to find any local schools on the site, I sent an email to friends who are teachers and I'm hoping they can use this valuable tool. I think it would be great for relatives and especially grand parents who always want to help out their grand children. Grandma or pa can always make a donation to little Joey's school classroom needs, especially those that live out of the area!

3- Ebates was not listed in the Real Simple Magazine article, but I am so fascinated with their website that I have to continue to share it with friends! Here are the basics:
1-go to ebates.com web page
2-search the store you want to purchase something at (for example target)
3-you’ll be directed to target’s store where you begin shopping. When you make a purchase, a percentage of the sale is given back to you!

Here's what I love about ebates (see image below). It tells you all of the coupon/specials/discounts the store your shopping at is having!


What's even better, eBay will give you 3% of your purchase back! Whenever I bid on and win something on eBay, I log into ebates and pay for my winning items!

4-Free food for Animals!
 I was turned onto this animal rescue site while visiting Last Chance Rescue. All you do is visit once a day, click on the tab to give food to rescue animals! You can bookmark this page and try to remember to click daily, just like you remember to put on deodorant, check your emails and update your facebook status! You can even share the site with friends!

 5-Care2.org is having a contest right now! You can vote for your favorite animal shelter. Click here to vote for Last Chance Rescue. If you visit their home page, you can also send the ecard of the day. For each card you send a donation will be made to a specific cause.


What’s your favorite cause? Share it with me by leaving a comment.