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Frozen Nose Hairs

Today's weather is below freezing. The temperatures are in the NEGATIVE degrees! And they have been that way for a few days. Just yesterday I experienced my first frozen nose hairs of 2009.

The first time I experienced frozen nose hairs was when I was in Sault Ste. Marie, walking from my dorm room to class one evening. I remember thinking something was in my nose, then running from my nose, then freaking out because I wasn't sure what was going on with my nose, then realizing my nose hairs were freezing. At the time, I hadn't experienced anything like that.

After the frozen nose hairs in the U.P., I was fortunate enough to have frozen eye lashes. I think what happens is the condensation from breathing into my scarf while walking, travelled up my face, adding condensation to my eye lashes, and because the temperatures were so cold, the condensation froze. Causing frozen eye lashes. The neat thing about frozen eyelashes is when they thaw. It happens almost instantly when you enter a warm building, and then you can see the condensation on your lashes for a minute or two and then it disappears. 

The frozen nose hairs, eyelashes, cold toes and fingers and horrible cold wind became the norm while attending college at LSSU. It made me really miss living in the  thumb area, because it seemed like paradise in the winter. In my 5 year academic career, I recall one day that school was called off, the day I didn't have any classes to attend! And that was because of the snow, not the cold. What's with all of these schools being closed because of the cold? Are we all growing up to be wimps? We are from Michigan, we should know how to bundle up, dress in layers, take an extra pair of gloves and socks with us and be sure to pre-heat the car! I say it isn't cold until your car won't start because the temperatures are too far into the negative (which only happened to me once whie in the Sault).