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Response to "So Long Old Friend"

This is in response to my husband's blog So Long Old Friend. If you haven't read it yet, you need to grab a beverage, maybe even a snack, sit back and relax, because he never has "short" stories. But to his credit, all of his stories are good.

Yes, the Pig is gone. Gone from our driveway. Gone from my bedroom window view. No longer piled up with snow from the snow blower. No longer a collection of tree sap and needles from the pine trees. No longer our carbon footprint.

I do feel sad for him, because I felt the same way when I got rid of my 1986 Buick Park Avenue known as The Grandma Cruiser a few years ago. I did love that car, it glided like a magic rug across the expressway. It had the most leg room of any mid-size car, the seats were a burgundy "velvet like" material and you could comfortably seat six. Lots of parts had been replaced, I kept a detailed log book of all of the improvements I had paid for, new tires, brakes, steering column, etc.

I remember the process of selling my car. Dan washed it, cleaned the inside and took photos for me. He listed it in Auto Trader and got LOTS of phone calls. A couple came over to look at the car. I was inside telling Dan to take no less than $600 (It was listed at $850) and sent him out the door to negotiate. Dan's favorite part of selling a car is negotiating. He loves to negotiate. When it was all said and done, the buyers paid the ASKING price of $850, so he didn't even get a chance to barter with the couple.

I watched my car drive away on a nice spring evening. The couple was from the area, so a few years after I sold my car, I kept looking for it when I was out and about. I never did see it. And as much as I missed my old car, I was beginning to like my new one and replacing the old with the new felt a lot better.


Ok-was the pig your burgundy car or a diff one?

The Pig was Dan's 1995 Dodge Dually Truck. My Sebring is the burgundy car and I frequently call that the Bring.

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