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For some reason I always grew up liking Ford vehicles. I suppose it was because my dad always owned a Ford truck or two, and we were taught at a young age they were good trucks. I don't necessarily disagree with this thought, but I'm a girl, so I'm more into the aesthetics of a vehicle rather than the brand, motor, transmission or number of cylinders. Obviously this is true since I've wanted a Volkswagen Beetle since the 4th grade.

Since I've met my husband, I have been informed of the greatness of the Chrysler family of cars. I suppose this is because his dad (my father-in-law) worked for the American Motors corporation and then Chrysler for the majority of his career. Just as I was, my husband was taught at a young age how wonderful the AMC family is and later the Chrysler family.

I have never really argued either way. As I stated above, I'm partial to the beauty and appearance of the car. My bug is very minimal when it comes to options on the inside, and the Dodge truck I drive is fully loaded with every button you could possibly imagine (minus the heated seats). But more importantly, my Dodge truck has "Driver Adjustable Pedals". This wonderful feature was discovered by accident when my husband was looking into changing a fuse. He noticed a button on the left side of the dash, he moved it and voila, the pedals moved forward and back.

As a petite person, this is a fabulous feature. I no longer have to hug the steering wheel or move the seat all the way up so I can reach the pedals! This one feature may move me closer to being a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep girl.