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Please Pull Ahead

Recently I have been splurging on cappuccinos from the drive thru. This craving only happens on my way to work in the morning and only happens when I am running late. I think it is because I don't want to go to work so I do anything I can do delay getting there. I've been driving my 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 since December. Which means I take it through the drive thru. The first few times I got the truck, the drive thru person could hear me perfectly when I gave her my order through the speaker. (I don't go through the drive thru very often.) But lately, on my cappuccino binges, I have to turn off my truck for the attendant to hear me! The truck is a diesel, so it is loud, but it is so annoying when I have to do this! It's usually most annoying when I turn the truck off and then have to wait for the noodle to turn it back on, with anxious customers behind me! If you are confused about the "noodle" read all about it here.

On my second or third trip to the drive thru, I wondered, why can't I just talk to a person when I order? it would be the same as pulling ahead to pay, except I could order AND pay at the SAME window! Genius! That way, I wouldn't have to turn off my truck and restart it while going though the drive thru! I think I'll write all the companies with drive thru windows a letter...