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Disposable Lifestyle

Why are things in our life so disposable? Lawn mowers, vacuums, marriages?

It seems as though today people don't think twice about throwing away a lawn mower or vacuum and buying a new one when they aren't even sure what is wrong with the one they have! Sure, the vacuum doesn't "suck" like it used to, but doesn't anyone want to call the vacuum store and get a tune up? Are we just so excited to buy and purchase new items that we are willing to let good products end up in our landfill? I purchased an expensive commercial vacuum about 6 years ago and just had a tune up done on it a year ago. It still works like a charm! I wouldn't trade my Royal Vacuum for any Dyson on the market today. (I'm still wondering why so many people are buying the Dyson...Are we just in awe at the bright plastic color and the way it moves? Have you talked to anyone at a vacuum store prior to purchasing a Dyson vacuum? They are the experts and will steer you away from a Dyson in a heartbeat. I speak from experience on this one!)

My husband picked up a lawn mower about a month or two ago on the side of the road. it's a small push mower, and I'm not sure what we're going to do with it since my brother-in-law cuts out grass, but it's in perfect shape. It needs a new part and will be working in no time. I'm sure it's not an expensive mower, but even at $100-200 bucks, it seems to be much cheaper to call a small engine repair shop to find out what is wrong with it than to buy a new one.

This brings me to my third an final rant and rave, marriages. People seem to be treating a marriage like a disposable piece of property. They don't like the husband they have, so they go out and find a new man, and in no time, their marriage is broken up and they are getting re-married! I get annoyed at women who say, "he'll never do this or that, oh, that's not James, he won't go for that." I find that extrememly hard to believe especially since I feel a marriage is built on compromise as one of the foundations. You would be surprised what your spouse would do for you if you ask, and asking (communicaiton) is another foundation I think a lot of couples overlook and ignore.