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I have a gut feeling my husband is planning or is in on a surprise 30th birthday party for me on June 6th. I only know this because I manipulated him and some other people into indirectly telling me it is true.

June 6th has been listed as "Kari's Birthday Day" on our calendar for months. Probably since there was still snow on the ground. Recently I asked my husband if we could change the day. He assured me we could not. I was convinced he had something big planned, or bought tickets to a concert or something, because why else would he not be able to change the date.

After some pressing I got an email from him that included our itinerary for the day. He was very disappointed he let out our surprise day plans, but assured me this is what we were doing. There was one item on the list that required an appointment, but I could easily see that everything else could be changed and rescheduled. Again, this confirmed my thought that he had something up his sleeve. At this point, I am 90% sure he has something planned or is in on something.

One day I decided to start asking people what was going on. I called my friend Dawn and assured her she didn't have to get me a present for my real 30th birthday because she got me something for my 29.5 birthday. Again, I was just stirring the pot a bit. She left me a message and through her smiles and laughs, I knew she was bluffing when she told me she knew nothing about a party! Now I am 92% sure there is something going on.

I shot out a couple of emails to a few friends and in casual conversation I told them I would see them on June 6th at my surprise party, and the common response was "I don't know what you are talking about." That was usually followed by "We have plans to do this or that on that date." Some people ignored the question completely! My hunch is now up to 94%

I then nabbed some people at the gym and started asking them if they were coming. The combined response is usually "I didn't get invited." My response was "I'll get you on the list." The small smile on Cassie's face made me 1% closer to thinking something was going on, but it was Trena who did an excellent job of giving me a hint.

Trena looked at me weird, and asked why she would come to my surprise birthday party. She then pulled out the "I didn't get invited" card and I saw her whispering to Katie, another girl at the gym. Shortly after I questioned Trena. Katie then asked me how I knew. I told Katie, I just "Had a hunch." Trena asked me if I was sneaking into my husband's email account! Suspicion up to about 99%.

I will give Amy at the gym some credit for looking at me and saying, I don't know about any party, I have the spin-a-thon that day. She did an excellent job keeping her face straight and promptly coming up with an answer!

Although I cannot officially confirm, and I feel somewhat guilty for manipulating people into giving me clues about a possible party, I'm only 99% sure something is going on...and if it is, I hope to see you all on June 6th!