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An Anniversary Gift - Pregnancy Update #1

The week of my 1 year wedding anniversary I was feeling like crap. It's very unlike me to feel poopy or even get a cold. I am a terribly healthy person. So when I woke up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday feeling like I should stay in bed all day, I thought maybe I was pregnant. A week or two before my boobs started to get sore or "tender" as the doctor's office says, but I attributed that to my coming period. Although last time my boobs were sore, they were only sore for about two days and then I got my period. I was unable to hide how crappy I felt from my husband any longer so on Wednesday, the eve of our 1st anniversary, I took a pregnancy test.

When I got home, my husband was "getting ready" to go to his parent's house to work on the race car. It seemed to take himF O R E V E R that day and twice I went into the bathroom and almost used the facilities because I had to go so bad! But on the way there, I stopped myself. As soon as he shut the door to leave, I was peeing on a stick and within seconds, I knew I was pregnant. That plus sign couldn't have gotten any clearer! I did wait the required 2 minutes to see the "real" test results, and it was the same, positive.

I was relieved, and then horrified. I thought to myself, how am I ever going to do this? I feel like crap! It's one thing to be sleepy and not want to do something, but to be sleepy and feel like vomiting, that is much harder. I don't like secrets, so this secret was going to be hard to keep. I planned to tell my husband on our anniversary that we were going to be parents. The entire day of Thursday, I said NOTHING about feeling crappy, or about knowing I was pregnant.

The evening arrived and we went to Taco Bell for dinner. I know, how romantic, but I felt like crap, didn't want to cook and love their Fresco Chicken Soft Tacos. So off we went. When we came home we exchanged gifts. I got these cool alumninum running boards for my bug and a nice watch (the modern 1st anniversary gift is "clocks"). In April, I gave my husband the traditional 1st anniversary gift of Paper and you can read more about it here, so all I had for him was a card. I drew a heart on the front and on the back I wrote, "Happy 1st Anniversary! Love, Kari" and then at the bottom I wrote, "P.S. You're going to be a father." He looked at me and said, "What? When did you take a test?" Immediately I felt bad because the day before I went back and forth not sure if he shoud be here when I pee on a stick or not. He said he didn't feel he needed to be there with me, so that did make me feel better.

So that's it folks, I'm pregnant. 

I had an appiontment yesterday with a nurse to go over all of my health history and the "rules" while pregnant. She is estimating I am 8-9 weeks pregnant. My next appintment will be an ultrasound and she will be able to determine a more accurate due date. (appointment date was May 13, 2009)


I am so happy for you and Dan, you are going to be great parents! And I am so thrilled to start reading about your journeys with pregnancy and motherhood.


Happy to hear the good news! Hope you had a good birthday and enjoyed non-alcoholic bevies. Hope to see you in Aug. camping and your new baby bump.

Trace ;)

Sooooooo excited for you and dan! Can"t wait to read your trials and joys of pending motherhood. Many joy and memories. see you at the gym?!

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