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First Anniversary Gifts

My husband and I are corny and that is what I love about us! We love to rip on things like "what's the gift for the first anniversary?" and then try to find cheesy gifts to give each other for the special event. The traditional first anniversary gift is paper. I was determined to somehow find a way to get my husband some sort of paper gift.

I began with an online search, for 1st anniversary gifts, paper anniversary gifts, and found nothing I was really interested in. Concert tickets were a nice but obvious gift, but to what concert and when, I wasn't sure. Then I stumbled across the idea to get him opening day tickets at Comerica Park! I was set on this gift and amazingly found some tickets reasonably priced on Craigs List. I only bought him one ticket, because I didn't want to spend a few hundred on two tickets, so I got him a single seat. He's corny like that, he'll go to a game alone!

My next task was to figure out how on earth I was going to give him an anniversary gift one month early (opening day is on April 10th and our anniversary is on May 7th) and make him work hard for it. So I rattled my brain and asked some friends and came up with an idea: a paper scavenger hunt and a paper poem to present him with his paper opening day ticket.

For the scavenger hunt, he had 24 different close up photos of paper that was in our house and garage: paper towel, newspapers, magazines, computer paper, etc. He had to find one set of paper, that revealed a clue and lead him onward to more paper. He was not at all thrilled about this scavenger hunt. He sighed a lot and asked me how many clues there were. He actually completed the hunt rather quickly. I kept reassuring him it would be worth it in the end. The last clue directed him to me, and I had this lovely paper poem that I read to him:

A Paper Poem
by Kari

You can use paper
for a silly hat
for rain cover
a chair mat
to get the news
to write love letters
for grocery lists and
to blot your lipstick.
You can use paper to
blow your nose
wipe a tear
clean a spill
make spit wads
buy a motorcycle
carry groceries
make airplanes
design a home
leave a note
make a payment
send a message
wipe your butt
dust a table
buy a car
clean a window
light a fire
make a pinata
rock paper scissors
stuff your bra
make a funnel
win a game
buy a home
travel abroad
business cards
origami birds
unwrap gum
squish a bug
hold a six pack
scrapbook memories
suicide notes and
to wipe your face.
You can use paper
to color
filter coffee
decorate a tree
send a letter
blot a cut
roll cigarettes
get a parking ticket
mark a trail
say I love you
say I’m sorry
litter the floor
stuff a bag
print a picture
ask questions
get answers
pay a check
call for help
carry lunch
hold vomit
show your support
decode puzzles
give a compliment
keep your place
send mail
voice your complaints
become a citizen
say thank you
have a yard sale
mark a page
save the date
renew subscriptions
connect the dots
send packages
seal envelopes
wrap food
understand instructions
to congratulate
say farewell
wrap a gift
your first anniversary
with a paper ticket
to opening day at
Comerica Park.

While reading the poem he seemed half interested, he was petting Rockwell and talking to him. Not sure if he realized what the gift was at the end or just looked up at me when I was finished reading it. He did say he loved the ticket and went to Opening Day with other friends that were at the game as well.

The highlight: he took a photo of the seat I got for him. It was really a single seat. The seats him and I always make fun of when we are at the park.