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I've always loved mushrooms and growing up in Michigan I have heard of Morel Mushroom "season" but have never gone morel hunting or even seen a morel. My coworker talks about them every spring. He doesn't eat mushroom but his wife and daughter love them, so he goes hunting every spring in the woods next door to our office.

A week or so ago, I saw some unique mushrooms in a bowl of water in the refrigerator at work. I questioned my coworker about them and he said they were morels. I was amazed. Just two weeks ago, I found some "cool looking" mushrooms while raking my front yard. I thought these mushrooms were so cool, I showed my husband, then tossed them into the wheelbarrow with all of the other sticks, leaves and lawn rubbish and then into the fire pit to burn them. These "cool looking" mushrooms were exactly the same as the ones in my work refrigerator...they were morels! I have morels growing in my yard!

My coworker was in awe. He told me to pick them and put them in a bowl of water and bring them into work. I told him it was doubtful I would be able to get any more morels from my yard because the grass I found them in gets cut every week, and I figured the mushrooms would get cut as well. Our lawn guys decided to skip cutting our grass last week, and I completely forgot all about the morels until I came home yesterday. Our grass had not been cut again (maybe they are behind because of the rain?) so I was able to take a stroll in my yard after getting my mail and I found these two beauties. My coworker was extatic when I brought them into work today.



First off, I never knew you could eat those. Second, I can't believe you have a lawn boy. You are turning into a high maintenance desperate housewife. Maybe if I had a lawn boy, I'd have more time to give myself manicures.

My brother-in-law has a grass cutting business so he cuts our lawn. AND, 2.5 acres is much more to cut than your 1/32 of an acre city lot!

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