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Oh, Your Ring is Beautiful!

I have to brag a little. My marriage has made it one year! Yup, my husband and I celebrated one year of being married on May 7th!

I remember when I first got engaged. People would congratulate me, and then ask to see my ring. Everyone said it was beautiful. Then I realized, no one would ever tell a woman they didn't like her engagement ring. I had this conversation with a friend, and she agreed. I told her no matter how much you disliked the ring, you would always say it was beautiful, but if you really did like the ring, you would elaborate, and tell the woman, you really like it or you love it! I was convinced that my ring was "no big deal" especially with all of the fancy cuts and mega bling diamond sets available. But, one year later, I am still getting lots of compliments on my ring.

Most of the complements are from strangers. The woman at the bank, the girls at the dentist and eye doctor. Some are from "new friends" I meet at candle parties and am introduced to when we go out. It's made me realize people (especially women) really do pay attention to wedding rings! Honestly, this hasn't made me more aware of other peoples rings at all! It just seems to blend in with the rest of them! I'm hoping that I get compliments for the next 65 years! That's right, I want to be married for at least 65 years!

If you haven't seen my ring, you can check it out at the end of this post.