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Breaking the News - Pregnancy Update #4

I bought my husband a book a while ago when we decided to stop preventing a pregnancy in our life. It's called The Dude's Guide to Pregnancy: Dealing with Your Expectant Wife, Coming Baby and the End of Life as You Know it.  It is a very funny book and he is finding it very enjoyable to read because it is so comical. One part in the book says that a woman cannot just tell her parents she is pregnant. She has to have some sort of to-do about how she is expecting. This was me to the T!

I did some searching online as to how I would break the news to my parents and to my in-laws. Nothing really grabbed my attention, there was the standard wrapping of the onesie or bib that said something about grandma, dressing a sibling in a "I'm going to be a big brother/sister tee" I was thinking we could dress our dogs, giving a rattle, etc. I did come across one idea. To give a save the date card. This is what I did for my in-laws.

It took me three tries to get it just right, but I drew a small Christmas tree on the front of the card, and on the back it said, Save the Date 12-28-2009.  My husband gave the card to his parents and they weren't sure what it was for. They didn't know what to save that day for, so my husband had to tell them it was my due date. They were ecstatic.

As for my side of the family, I had the opportunity to pick up my sister and niece at the airport for their week trip to Michigan. I planned to tell the entire family that weekend since we would all be together By entire family I mean, my sister, dad and mom! While we were watching TV at my parents house one night, I casually asked my sister if she had planned on coming to Michigan for Christmas. She said, "yes" with a sigh as if she didn't want to come. I then said, well, maybe you'll get to meet your new niece or nephew. My mom looked up from reading a magazine and said, "Are you serious?" My dad was smirking in the recliner and my sister said, "What are you talking about?" I just smiled and said nothing. It took my sister a few minutes to realize I was knocked up and when she did, she started to cry and ran over to hug me. Of course I told her to stop crying and to "get off of me." She then had to call her husband.

As for the general public, I decided since I knew about the surprise party my husband was having for my 30th birthday party, and most everyone at the party knew I knew, I would turn the tables and surprise my guests. I made four signs and shortly after arriving at the party, I showed them to my guests:

The Surprise

Is On 


I'm Pregnant!

This information was received better then me showing up for my birthday party! And those that didn't make it to the party, got an email the next day.