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Stirrups, Vaginas and Uteri - Pregnancy Update #3

My first real doctor's appointment was on May 27th. It was at 10 o'clock in the morning so my husband and I were able to get up and enjoy a breakfast at a restaurant I've been wanting to go to for YEARS! Of course because his work is crazy, he was in the car before the appointment making phone calls, firing up his laptop and checking emails. But, he found 40 minutes to just be with me at the OB-GYN's office.

My husband and I have SO MUCH fun together with little short one liners that make us both laugh. They can be original one liners, something we repeat from a movie or something we heard from a friend or at a party. Well, I was very excited to take the opportunity to inform my husband of all of the "great" things the gynecologist's office has to offer! In the first room I went into, I let my husband know where the stirrups were on the table. There was only one stirrup "out" and he even asked, "there's only one?" I informed him there is another, and it folds into the table, probably so people don't run into it when the come in and out of the room!

The next room was the room in which I had my ultrasound. Of course I had to undress and then the nurse and doctor came back into the room and did their thing. This was a vaginal ultrasound so after the nurse left so I could change, I immediately informed my husband of the "probe" that was lubed, covered and ready to be inserted into my girl parts to show him "his" baby. He commented on the number of "condoms" in the tray under the machine. And asked, "Why would they have all of those in here now, isn't it too late for that?" A great laugh for both of us!

In comes the doctor and nurse. I'm not exactly sure what is going to go on but I have a pretty good idea. My feet go into the stirrups, my "bottom down" at the end of the table, and there I am, stretched out to the world, covered by what seems to be the thinnest sheet in the world! The doctor "checks" me and I just have to ask, "Can you feel anything?" Her response was, "A uterus that is bigger than usual." Not exactly sure what response I was looking for, but I got one and was hoping to break the ice a bit.

Next comes the ultrasound. The lights dim, the monitor comes on and there is my "baby." The next thing I notice: my last AND first name is spelled wrong on the monitor. Now, it is VERY common for people to misspell my last name, but my first, come on! There are FOUR letters in it! Anyhow, I had to set them straight because we had an issue with a misspelled name on one of our home owner insurance policies. When your name is not spelled correctly, they tell you that you "don't have a policy" eventhough you do! And that was my husband's last name which only has 7 letters in it! UGH! So I wanted my name to be set straight just in case something funky happened with insurance paperwork.

So here we are looking at our baby. At first I thought maybe it was a cartoon character, and this is the best way I can describe it: a 2 ball snowman, both balls of equal size, and the top ball had two ears, on one each side. After this thought passed, the doctor informed us what we thought was the top (the ball with ears) was really the bottom. So my cartoon character was immediately ruined. The doctor said the baby was moving around a lot and later my husband said it was because it was my baby and I have "a hard time sitting still."

This first ultrasound was somewhat surreal. It didn't click and really hasn't clicked that the photos are from me. From inside my body...We'll see how the next one differs, maybe the snowman has grown more "parts" than just ears! 


At my initial visit I was told I was 8-9 weeks pregnant and my due date was December 11th. Two weeks later at this appointment I was told I am 9 weeks pregnant (not 11) and am due on December 28th. Dan is hoping for a tax deduction for 2009!

On a vocabulary note, Uteri is the plural form of Uterus.