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Monthly Check Up - Pregnancy Update #12

I had another monthly checkup at my doctor's office this week. Everything seems to be going well. The heart rate is at 160 and sounds "perfect" according to my doctor.

I measure at 19 weeks and I am 18 weeks so "that's great" says my doctor. 

We received the results of our down syndrome testing that we elected to take part in and everything came back negative, which is good. No abnormalities in that department.

I busted out a pair of maternity pants today and truly hate them. I prefer to have support in my belly and these offer none! I also miss the luxury or having a button, zipper and belt. It seems like I'm always adjusting them after I sit and get up. They never feel quite right in the crotch or the waist. And when I go to the bathroom, I'm always trying to unbutton them.

After purchasing my pants, I tired them on for my husband and showed him how "hot" the belly waistband is (not) and he gave me a weird look. You can tell he was trying to think of something to say without lying. He knew they were not at all attractive or sexy and probably would turn any man off but he didn't want to say something so direct so he replied, "You don't have to wear them that long." These pants are not like a pair of uncomfortable shoes you wear to a wedding for ONE night, I have to wear these pants for a few MONTHS! Oh the beginning of sacrifices...


I suggest you shop around. There are a lot of different styles of maternity pants. If you are that uncomfortable, you probably need a different style!

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