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Boy, Girl, Twins or Triplets? - Pregnancy Update #13

My husband has recently expressed his desire to try all of the "tests" to determine what the sex of his child will be. Here are the results of our experiment:

Chinese Baby Gender Predictor #1
Based on the following information: 

Woman's Birth Year: 1979 -- Month: 6 -- Day: 12 -- Time Zone: EST
Conception Year: 2009 -- Month: 4 -- Day: 3 -- Time Zone: EST

It's a boy. (Chinese Age 31 at Lunar month 3)


Chinese Baby Gender Predictor #2
Based on my age at conception (29) and the month of conception (April) this chart shows it's a girl. There is a 33% chance it will be a boy and a 67% chance it will be a girl.


Wedding Ring Gender Prediction Method
Attaching my husband's wedding ring to a piece of dental floss, the ring was held over my belly while laying down. If the ring swings in a circular motion, it's a girl. If it swings to and fro like a pendulum, it's a boy. My results were as follows:

Laying on the living room floor: To and fro motion = boy
(My husband even tried starting the movement of the ring with a circular motion and it went back to the to and fro motion.)

Laying on the bed: To and fro motion = boy
(After I did this experiment, my husband got on the bed and I had to do the test over his belly. He's having a girl.)


Drano Gender Prediction Test
2 tablespoons of Crystal Drano. It is very important "crystal" Drano is used.
2 to 3 ounces of pregnant woman's urine. Preferably first morning urine.
glass jar

Take test materials outside. Add Drano to glass jar. Add urine to jar and back away because a chemical reaction will occur.
When the reaction stops, observe the color:
if the mixture darkens to a brownish color, within the first 10 seconds, it's a boy.
if there is no change in color, it's a girl.
Dispose of materials properly.

This test must be performed after the 4th month of pregnancy and outdoors. 

One early morning my husband and I came outside armed with a glass jar filled with Drano Crystals and a cup of my urine. We poured the urine into the glass and watched and waited. 

Above you can see the Drano we used; The jar filled with Drano Crystals; The jar just after the urine was poured in and the end result.

My husband and I have concluded that these results are inconclusive, but after looking at these photos, the urine did turn brown...so perhaps it's a boy. 

Personal Predictions
Jim M. says it's a boy. His wife says he is very accurate.
Dawn W. says it's a boy. Her employee Judy C. says she is usually always right.
Jaime O. thinks it's a girl, but she is rarely accurate.
Erica G. says if you crave sweets, it's a girl. If you crave salty food, it's a boy. My sweet cravings have remained unchanged so far.

We did all of this for fun and had a great time doing it. No matter what the gender, we just want a healthy baby and we'll know for sure if it is a boy or a girl on August 12th!


Umm... Gross... Your pee in a jar??

I believe the sweet thing. It worked for me, although I knew all along she was a girl.

I *LOVE* that you guys did all that!!! I wish we would've come across all that stuff (: Next time you'll have to help me remember. Can't wait to hear the news on Wednesday!

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