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Things I Miss Most - Pregnancy Update #8

I subscribe to BabyCenter.com's weekly newsletter about pregnancy. This week I received: The 12 Things You Miss Most During Pregnancy. The list includes the following:

1. A Normal Sense of Smell
2. Booze
3. Off-Limits Foods
4. Peaceful Sleep
5. Cute Shoes
6. Feeling Sexy
7. A Rocking Sex Life
8. Feeling Strong and Independent
9. Being Included
10. Your Pre-Pregnancy Body
11. Emotional Control
12. Caffeinating Like You Used To

As soon as I saw this subject line in my email, one thing came to mind: Alcohol. And since Booze is number two on the list, I'm not the only one who has a craving for a light beer or rum and coke. I must admit, of the 12 items on the list, I am currently only experiencing the lack of alcohol. I'm not at all a drinker, but I like to enjoy an adult cocktail or beer whenever I want one.

The hardest part is a social situation. One in which we visit with friends at a BBQ or on a boat and spend a few hours doing nothing but socializing, eating and drinking. My patience for sitting is thin anyway, but when I have to sit and talk hours after I've finished eating, I get even more stir-crazy. I had a small glass of a friends party punch, in which I was unable to taste any alcohol in it, and after telling someone I had this, I got such a crazy look from her. I'm sure I'll break down and have a beer eventually and after this awkward look, I'll be sure to pour the barley and hops into a coffee mug and tell everyone it's tea.

I have yet to miss anything else on the list, and I sure hope it stays that way!



Go for it Kari! I know my friend had non-alcoholic beer because she needed the taste of beer. I am not sure that I could ever live without it! Good luck!

I would allow myself half a beer now and then and I also drank O'Douls. A little bit of beer is fine. The magic word is "moderation". In Europe pregnant women continue to have one glass of wine a day with dinner and their babies are fine. The docs just don't want you drinking a whole bottle of wine or a six pack of beer!

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