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Tough Girl - Pregnancy Update #9

I caught my husband's cold on the fourth of July. That night at a party, I started to get a very sore and scratchy throat. Thankfully the throat soreness went away in a day, but the stuffy head continued for a week and then was joined by a cough. A painful cough at first, and now it's just a nuisance.

At one of my first appointments, I was told by my nurse at the doctor's office that it can take a woman up to 2 weeks longer to fight off a cold. I was given a list of acceptable medications. I recall Sudafed being one of the only things on the list for a cold. I do like Sudafed. I think it works very well, but on a normal day, when I am not knocked up, taking one pill makes me loopy. Yes, loopy. I usually wait until I get to work to take a pill because for about 30 minutes I feel slightly light headed and drunk. So I was doing all I could to avoid taking this over the counter medicine. I even commented that my husband should try going "cold turkey" when he feels a cold coming on and not dose himself with zinc, zicam, tylenol cold, and nyquil. Then he would appreciate how awesome these OTC drugs really are!

As the cough joined my illness, I was even more annoyed. Twice I almost vomited from coughing so many times in a row. After the fun of gagging, I decided I should actually look at the list of acceptable medications the doctor's office gave me. While looking at the list, I realize there is a section for Colds and a separate section for Coughs and Sore Throats. Wow, I'm an idiot, why didn't I look at this list a week ago! I was able to nab a bottle of Robitussan and some cough drops to aid in my recover.

I am feeling much better now and will no longer attempt to be a tough girl, instead, I'll pull out my acceptable medication list and make sure I know what I can take!