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Myths Busted

I recently read this in a pregnancy magazine that came in the mail and I'm so excited! As a back sleeper I couldn't be happier!

MYTH: You should always sleep on your side. 

REALITY: Many pregnancy books caution women not to sleep on their back, claiming that it causes the uterus to rest on-and thus block- the vena cava, a large vein that pumps blood to the baby. But docs say these fears are greatly exaggerated. During the fist and second trimesters, you can safely sleep on your back because your uterus is still too small to compress the vein. After about 28 weeks, when you're entering your third trimester, doctors do recommend trying to sleep on your side. But you needn't worry if you accidentally flip onto your back while dozing. If you really are blocking the vena cava, you'll wake up short of breath and lightheaded. It's your body's way to telling you to get off your back.

Taken from the American Baby Magazine. The Welcome Issue. "Don't Worry." Page 12.