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It's a Girl - Pregnancy Update #15

This week I'm 20 weeks pregnant and happy to be half way done with my pregnancy. It's honestly been fine compared to lots of horror stories of morning sickness, back aches and swollen feet that I've heard about. I'm sure I'm not ready to be a parent, but I'm ready to have my normal clothes back, especially pants, a big girl soda pop and the ability to do anything--roller coasters, race events, etc.

Today was my ultrasound -- It's a girl! If you followed my gender test blog, you will realize most experiments said it was a boy. My husband put all of his eggs in Jim M.'s basket because Jim's wife, Maria, said he was always right. Jim predicted a boy, so his average is slipping.

Everything looked "good" and "normal" according to the technician. Below are the photos we received. We also get a VHS tape that she forgot to give to us, but we don't have a VCR at home, so we are in no hurry to pick it up!

Here is a close up side profile of our little girl.




A collage: top row is the face (skull like image on the right), followed by the spine.
bottom row shows the profile, and a foot.



She is beautiful!!

She looks so cute already! Remember ultrasounds are not 100% so maybe Jim M. still has a chance. ;)


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