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Avery's trip to Michigan

My niece, Avery, came to Michigan with her Grandparents earlier this month. My parents were able to spend a few days with her while she was here, and my husband and I also go to see her.

Avery does not like my husband. I believe it stems from an incident last Christmas. We were all at my parent's house and enjoyed a night out at the bar before our family Christmas.  Amazingly, my husband got over-served, so when we had to open presents the next morning, he was a little "under the weather." He was sitting on the couch, looking like death, and my dad was holding Avery, and harassing her. My dad tried to get Avery to go to Uncle Dan, but she was freaking out in my dad's arms. Uncle Dan was about to visit the porcelain god, so he wasn't at all into having Avery hang out with him on the couch. Ever since then, she has not wanted Dan around, she has not wanted to talk or look at him. She will eventually and very hesitantly open up to him, and usually he can lure her with a quarter or two, but during this last short visit, she wanted very little to do with him. But the morning after we left, she asked grandma where "Aunt Kadee and Uncle Dan" were, obviously not remembering she wouldn't kiss us goodbye the day before.

Avery is 3 and will be 4 in February 2010. Since we only care about photos and how darn cute she is, here are a few.



This Mickey Mouse shirt is true vintage. It belonged to my sister and I when we were young. 




My parents have this tree in their (new) front yard. I love it. I wanted her to sit on the "seat" but Papa said it was pokey, so he put her up there to stand. 


We thought on Sunday it would be the best day to go to the beach. It was 77 degrees and sunny when we left. 20 minutes later, and on the water, it was 10 degrees cooler and foggy. The north wind was super breezy, but Avery had fun building a sand castle with Papa.