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ka-rah-tay - Pregnancy Update #24

I have a daily pregnancy book called The Pregnancy Journal and each day there is different information about my baby, myself, and sometimes different cultures and their birthing practices. On Sunday, September 6th, this is what the entry said:

As the baby's heartbeat becomes louder, it may be possible to hear the baby's heart by placing an ear to your abdomen - a yoga-like pose that may be quite impossible for you to achieve, but easy for others! A stethoscope will help you hear your baby's heart beat loud and strong. 

I read this to my husband and I thought it went in one ear and out the other until...the evening of Sunday, September 13th, he got close to my belly when I was laying in bed and started to talk to his unborn daughter. He then put his ear to my belly. I asked if he could hear anything and he said, "No." Then all of the sudden, she karate kicked him in the side of his face. A kick he felt for sure.