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Disagreements - A blog response

This entry is in response to my husband's blog which can be read by clicking here.

Dear Husband,

We seem to be having the same conversation over and over about MY car. And you seem to be asking the same questions and making the same suggestions only to have me give the same answer, "I want my car to look like an original VW Beetle." 

Ever since the fourth grade I have wanted a green VW bug. I was somewhat certain my grandpa would get me one when I turned 16, even though I couldn't drive a stick -- and still cannot. But my 16th, 17th and 18th birthday came and went and there was no bug, so when I got one for Christmas/Engagement in December of 2007, over 15 years of dreaming came true. (And I thank you very much for that.)

Now I am the owner of a VW bug and you want me to conform to your idea of how my bug should look, lowered, sleeker, less "stock" accessories, tinted windows, and race tires. Let me remind you of the passage below. I asked you to write about purchasing my car and you returned a multiple page word document to me that included the following:

November 3, 2007
With my parents away in Delaware bringing back my Grandfathers truck, I took advantage of my Mother’s Jeep Liberty being free to travel to Bay City to look at a 1965 Bug. Let the record show, this is the Bug that I wanted. This was the car in the best shape, it was lowered, had fiberglass rear fenders, and a fiberglass flip front end. Brand new interior, new mechanical parts, and a little bit of chrome accents in the engine compartment. It also had a dual carb set up that came with it. I resist the urge to make an offer, because I have a couple more to look at, one was again a clunker, the other was about to become part of my personal history…


November 18, 2007
On my way back from Deer Camp 2007 on Drummond Island, I decide to detour through another buddies house, see his dogs, and head to Rockford to take a look at a 1964 black bug. This was a very solid piece, and the best car for the money. I didn’t like it as much as the blue one but it was in fair shape, ran well (actually had a better motor than the blue one) and was a bit cheaper.
Now I had a decision to make, which to buy?  I begin to talk myself into the blue one, pretty sweet ride, in good shape, the least amount of work, etc. But in the end, I can’t keep my conscious from telling me, “Kari would like the black one better, it is more of a “bug” than the blue one, the blue one is a future street / strip car, that is why YOU like it, and it won’t be your car!”

I rest my case. 

Your Wife



I think we do agree. All of the things I listed in my blog post will not alter the look of your car in anyway.

Again from the outside, the only thing that will change will be the color.

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