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GTB - Pregnancy Upate #25

GTB = Glucose Test Beverage. It's an orange drink that a person drinks one hour before they have their blood drawn to check their sugar for diabetes. I've done this test before, but a friend who is also pregnant was concerned about drinking this beverage. I have to admit, it's not bad at all. It tastes like flat, orange soda.

Saturday after the gym, I decided to drink my orange beverage, stop at the dollar store to waste some time before heading to the lab for blood work. While in the parking lot I checked my voice mail, dug thru my purse and got out of my truck. As I shut the door to the truck, I quickly realized I didn't have my keys, and I locked the doors. I frequently lock the doors to my vehicle before getting out of it, using the interior locks, not the lock on the key remote. Because my "routine" was messed up (I stayed in the car instead of getting out right away) I ended up leaving my keys in the ignition. A stream of panic hit me, because I knew I only had one hour until my blood needed to be drawn. I quickly calmed myself down and began digging my my purse for my AAA card, which offers free roadside assistance. The thought did cross my mind that I could walk to the lab, it was just down the road, but later I realized it was about 3.3 miles down the road, and not a nice road, but a five lane road without sidewalks. 

After calling AAA and realizing my membership had been canceled - which didn't surprise me since we have roadside assistance through our car insurance and a year or so ago I decided not to pay my AAA dues - I went into The Dollar Tree and asked for a phone book. I began jotting down numbers to locksmiths, the dial-a-ride bus, the sheriff department and my insurance company. I called my insurance company to see if they could help me and they gave me a few numbers and told me to just submit my receipt to my insurance to be reimbursed for the locksmith service. 

I then called a local locksmith and was told he could be there in 1 hour and 20 minutes. This was a local call, and it would take him that long to get there? I was in need of help, so I didn't really question it but I explained to him I should be at my vehicle by then, I have to have some blood work drawn and will then be back to my vehicle. I thought we were all squared away and later I would realize I was completely wrong.

The next call is to my friend who literally lives "down the street." I had her take me from the dollar store to the lab and I was able to have all my blood drawn even though I had my lab information and paperwork locked inside of my vehicle.

I then called the local dial-a-ride transportation bus to arrange for a pick up from the lab back to the dollar store my vehicle was parked. Now, I've tried to use this county wide bus system twice. Once was on a Saturday years ago. My husband was at his parents house working on my car (some routine maintenance such as brakes, shocks, etc.) and I was at home, but we planned to eat dinner at his parent's house that night. Instead of him driving 20 minutes one way to pick me up at home, I told him I'd just call the bus and get a ride over there. Sadly, I realized you cannot call for a ride on the weekend unless you schedule it during their normal, Monday through Friday business hours. First attempt = unsuccessful. The second attempt was about a year ago. My car was going in for service and I needed a ride to work. I called 2 days before I needed the ride and explained where I needed to go and when and they the woman told me she was sorry, they were unable to accommodate me. I was baffled and floored. I vowed to never use that bus service again! So maybe the third time is a charm...I called on Saturday and got the "normal" recording that said I had to schedule my ride during the Monday through Friday business hours, but at the end of the message, was a number to get a hold of a driver on the weekend. I gave it a shot and Gary came to my rescue! Gary picked me up at the lab and took me back to my vehicle at the dollar store parking lot!

While waiting for Gary to pick me up, I quickly nabbed some money from the ATM machine at the medical center, and called the locksmith guy back to let him know I'd be at my vehicle shortly. The locksmith guy (again, remember this is a local number I called and a local company advertised in the local yellow pages) tells me he will be there in 1 hour and 20 minutes...because he didn't leave the first time I called! I tell him that's way too long for me to wait, I'll have to call another company.

I then call the sheriff department. I get an automated message that tells me no one is working and I am not given a number to dispatch for non-emergencies. So I suck it up and dial 911 on my phone. I immediately tell the woman this is not an emergency, but there was no other number for me to call. I explain my situation and she says police/sheriff no longer unlock cars, but she can give me the number to a tow truck company. Ahhh, a tow truck company, why didn't I think of that instead of a locksmith? I call a tow truck company and they can be to my car within an hour. This is great since I'm still waiting for Gary to pick me up.

Gary arrives, and my fare is $2. I only have a $20 from the ATM and I'm planning to just give it to him since he saved my butt from walking. He then asks me to go into the dollar store and get change. I give him $5 and tell him we are good. He picked me up in a bind and I am truly grateful for him.

A quick trip into the dollar store to blow off some time before my tow truck arrives to unlock my door, and a chat on the phone with my sister as I sit on the parking lot curb realizing it is just a perfect Saturday in September - at least the weather is perfect - and here comes "Brian" my savior. I think he unlocked my truck in about 90 seconds, and it took me longer to write my check and sign the bill than it did to get my keys back.

Then I "flew" to the lab to drop off my paperwork that was needed to perform the glucose test. Thankfully they had some late-comers so they were still there at 12:10 pm even though they close at noon. After that, a big sigh by me and I was on my way home.

I mainly posted this blog because my friend, who I mentioned at the beginning of this story, told me to let her know how my test went...I'm sure she is not expecting to read all of this and I wish her BETTER LUCK when she takes her glucose test in the coming days! 

Lastly, most people might wonder why in the world my husband didn't come to his pregnant wife's side to help her in this time of need. It just so happened that he was in a plane as all of this was going down, on his way from LAX to Detroit, and so I was left to survive on my own...