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2 Pounds - Pregnancy Update #26

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Today I had a doctor's appointment and was reminded by the nurse that I am 26 weeks and 2 days pregnant. This made me reflect on my first doctor's appointment when I stepped on the scale and was not happy with my weight as I began my pregnancy. Today my doctor told me she was very happy that I had gained 2 pounds since my first visit in May. I can't say the feeling was mutual, because I lost some weight after my first appointment and have obviously gained it back +2 but "it's baby weight" the doctor said.

My glucose blood test was normal/fine, the baby's heart beat sounded strong and according to the doctor, "she's a kicker." Too bad the doctor doesn't keep up with my blog to know that she karate kicked her dad in the face.

I was given the slap on the hand for sleeping on my back and doing crunches at the gym on my back. As the rebel and terrible listener I am, I blew it off and was determined continue with my normal ways thinking, "the hell with the doctor, I'll do what I want," until my husband said to me, "you don't care about the health of your unborn child."  Don't worry, I'll get him back, the next time he orders a refill on his Pepsi, I'll let him know that his health is important so he can live a very long time, for his daughter.

I'm cleared to fly to Atlanta next month to see my sister and niece for a long weekend; able to travel two hours to the thumb for Christmas and instructed by the doctor not to name my baby after her...she says no one would want the name Martha. I did tell her at least it's a name you can pronounce when you see it. She agreed.