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Bookshelf + Baskets = Masterpiece

I think I am drawn to any sort of shelf and love to have them in all my closets and any other place I can stash them. In college I had my dad custom make shelves for each of the three places I lived. I'd measure and send him my "plans" and the next time I came home, my custom shelves were ready to take back to school with me.  When my grandfather passed away and I was given the opportunity to take almost anything I wanted, I couldn't pass up on two shelves. One was a bookshelf show below.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this shelf, and my husband rolled his eyes when I told him to load it into the truck, but I know that it's hard to come by decent, affordable (free in this case) bookshelves, so I stashed it in my garage for a few months. 

When I found out I was pregnant and we needed to reduce and relocate our office, I decided I'd find some sort of basket to put on my bookshelves and stash office items: tape, staples, note cards, pens, rubber bands, etc. I measured my area and checked out a few organization stores online. I found that Ikea had the size baskets I needed to fit my bookshelf. So one Sunday, my friend and I went to Ikea to get my baskets. Below is what happened when I got home.

Here is my "new" bookshelf. 


And the baskets I bought at Ikea. 




And this is the finished result! I'm amazed at all the storage! I was able to put candles and smelly things in the bottom three baskets and I still have one basket completely empty! 




I love the baskets in the mid-century looking bookcase! It's such a clean way to store things!

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