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Contractions - Pregnancy Update #31

I subscribe to a few email newsletters about pregnancy and each week I receive a new newsletter telling me how large my child is, what developments are going on inside the womb and what sorts of things my body may be experiencing.

At week 26, I received my normal supply of newsletters delivered to my inbox and each one of them said something about contractions. Contractions?!? I thought, what the heck! I have 12 weeks to go, that's 3 months, Why on Earth would I have contractions now? I knew I wasn't having contractions because I thought contractions during pregnancy were similar to your muscles expanding and contracting or shortening and lengthening, like a leg cramp.

At 28 weeks, my newsletters continued to talk about Braxton Hicks contractions so I actually read the information. And after reading exactly what these sorts of contractions are, I determined I'm having them. This was a relief because a few weeks ago, I started to feel "not right" when I was working out at the gym. The bottom of my stomach, from hip to hip, would get tight and somewhat painful. I would just work thru this weird feeling and continue with my work out. The pain would usually go away while at the gym, and sometimes return a few times during the class I was taking. I'd be fine to drive home and then when I got out of the car, my belly would feel tight again. One night after returning home from the gym, the tightness was back and it wasn't going away. I kept telling myself I must have overdone my work out, and I'll have to start to modify a bit, or maybe I'm out of shape because I missed a week of working out. The weird feeling didn't go away and I usually only feel normal when laying down in bed or sitting.

My husband was bowling and I started to freak out at home. I sent him a few text messages asking him to call me and then come home early and of course I learned later he left his phone in the car. My hormones got the best of me and I eventually broke down crying thinking I would have to give up the gym. I was so frustrated I would no longer be able to work out that I then started to think of all the things I had "given up" while being pregnant: alcohol, wearing belts, pants with zippers and buttons, mountain biking with my husband, sleeping on my back, etc. The one thing I wanted to try to do as long a I could was work out.

Alas, these newsletters came to my rescue. And with confirmation from a friend who had three kids, she had the same issues working out while pregnant! Thankfully I don't have to give up working out!