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I went on a mini vacation to Atlanta to visit my sister, her husband and my niece. I'm 29 weeks pregnant at this time, and my doctor says I am fine to travel. My husband has a dentist appointment that morning, so he is able to drop me off at the airport. I don't think I've ever been taken to the airport by someone before. I usually just drive myself. So this was a nice treat. I flew from Flint, which is one of the easiest places to fly to Atlanta - small airport, quick check in, quick security pass through and a direct flight to Atlanta via Air Tran.

I checked in online the day before I was to leave, and was offered an upgrade to business (first) class for only $49. I wanted to take the upgraded seat. I texted my husband and he said to go for it, but decided I should try to stick with my budget and money-saving plan so I declined. I paid my $15 for my one checked bag and was ready to roll.

I arrived at the airport, checked in, got my bags checked in and was in the bathroom when I hear a woman come over the loud speaker. She was paging "all passengers on flight 255 with non-stop service to Atlanta." The flight had been overbooked and they needed one passenger with flexible flying plans to take a bump and receive a round trip ticket for free. Bummer, I would have been the first to sign up for this offer, because this was the first time in a long time I was flying alone, I didn't have a hotel to check into, and my sister can pick me up at any time.

When I finally get to board the plane, I find seat 14B, the middle seat, and I'm in between a skinny, maybe 150 pound man and a larger 300+ man. All I think of when I say, "I'm 14B" is that for $49 I could have been 6 rows up, in first class sipping my sparkling grape juice and sitting Indian style because those seats have so much room. But I'm fine. I can tough out two hours in these "close" quarters.

Just after I sit down, I stuff my reading material into the seat pocket and realize the seat pocket in front of me is falling apart. The magazines manage to stay and I go through the airline information card, as I do for every flight, noting my exits, where my life vest is located, which exits I cannot use in case of a water landing, etc. I then go for the Sky Mall magazine. And I DON'T HAVE ONE! Ugh! I love looking through that catalog at overpriced and often unnecessary luxury gadgets and must haves. No big deal, I have to fly back, so I'll hope that of the 100+ seats on the return flight, I will have a Sky Mall catalog and I'll have something new to read.

Now the skinny guy has the window seat, but I notice out of the corner of my eye he does not have the window shade open. This kind of bums me out because everyone likes to look out the window of the plane to see what's going on while we sit and wait for people to board, the door to close and everyone to get their bags to fit overhead. Our plane begins to push off and the window shade still isn't open. We begin to take off, and still no shade! I finally turn my head to look over at the man and realize row 14 does not have a window! I sigh and chuckle under my breath because I realize I am spoiled when I fly!

All settled in, snuggled next to the big guy - yes, my entire right side is touching him as I sit in my seat - leaning a tad toward the little guy, I read a magazine and soon the flight attendant comes to the beginning of the coach seats taking drink orders. I nab the flight magazine to see what beverages are offered, pick out my choice and plan for my refreshing free drink. As the flight attendant takes beverage orders on a piece of paper, she stops at our row and returns to the front of the plane. I sink into my magazine and an hour later, a beverage cart and two different flight attendants bring us beverages. Finally, my free drink and bag of mini pretzels. How great! I take a few sips and before I know it, the flight attendants are back asking if we need a refill. We just go our drinks! I guess when you are the last to order, you are the first to get a refill! Again, should have paid the $49 to upgrade!

Overall I survived. My baby was kicking like crazy, but that seems to be her normal active time anyhow. She may have been a bit more active than usual, but it could have been the fact that I was not distracted while on the plane like I am at work when she moves around in the afternoon. Coach or first class seats, the flight went well - on time, smooth sailing, free drink, bag of pretzels and now I'm in Georgia visiting my sister and niece.

FYI, on the return flight four days later, I got a window seat, next to a skinny guy but there was NO Sky Mall Catalog in my seat pocket.