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Guess Your Child's Height

In a recent American Baby magazine I received, there was an article titled "Guess Your Child's Height" so I thought I would give it a try. The basic equation is below: 

Mom's Height (in inches) + Dad's Height (in inches) = Height Total

Have a boy you add 5 inches to the height total, have a girl, and subtract 5 inches from the height total, then divide by 2. 

Here are our results: 

Mom's Height 62" + Dad's Height 70" = 132" - 5" (it's a girl) = 127" divided by 2 = 63.5" or 5' 3-1/2"

Not too shabby, especially since I'd give anything to be 2-3 inches taller. It just makes buying pants that much easier!


Source: American Baby, October 2009, page 42.


How does this equation account for the difference in height between myself (5'2") and my sister Jenn (5'8")? Not fair!

Erica, I feel the same way! Look how tall my sister is and look how short I am!

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