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Baby Got Back - Pregnancy Update #28

At my September monthly doctor's appointment, I confessed to the doctor (at 25 weeks) that I sleep on my back. She calmly said, "you shouldn't be doing that, you need to lay on your side." I left the office thinking, "yeah, whatever, I've read about this in a magazine, I'm fine until 28 weeks."

As I was telling my husband about my appointment, I informed him what the doctor said about sleeping on my back. He almost instantly said something to the effect of me "not caring about the health of my unborn child." This annoyed me, and I tried to blow it off, but now, as I wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning and realize I am sleeping on my back, a tremendous amount of guilt comes over me. I think to myself that I must get on my side immediately because I am cutting off vital blood and oxygen supply to my child. Sleeping on my side is fine, but my shoulders tend to fall asleep or go numb. It's starting to become a nuisance and always wakes me up in the middle of the night, forcing me to change positions.

I will admit every time I lay on my back, the baby moves like crazy. I'm pretty sure she is telling me that she cannot breathe and her oxygen and blood supply is diminishing...this creates more guilt and makes me move to my side even quicker!

I had a somewhat sleepless night last weekend and I told my husband that I was up every two hours with "frozen" shoulders from having to sleep on my side. When he came home from working on a Saturday, he had a present for me. This was truly a nice surprise, because, everyone loves gifts and when my husband takes the time to purchase something for me, it makes it that much more special!

I was presented with a Total Body Pillow to help me sleep better. It is somewhat ironic, because some of the lack of sleep is the guilt my husband seemed to make me realize and obsess about when I wake up on my back, and some of it is the numb shoulders. I've tried it for two night and so far it went well, no numb shoulders on the first night and just a few the second. I'll continue to test it out and hope it helps prevent future frozen body parts and guilt episodes.


Reading the first two paragraphs, all I could think was "It's time for the Snoogle". My Snoogle definitely replaced Rob during my 3rd trimester.

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