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It's a Dresser and a Changing Table

I don't like getting rid of good furniture, and as far as I could tell, the dresser my husband had since I met him was good furniture. It has a solid wood body and dovetail drawers and is still fully functional. Sure, aesthetically it isn't pleasing: outdated hardware, scratches on the varnish, spots of stain rubbing off, but on the inside it is a good piece of furniture.

I've always wanted to refinish this dresser, but never really had a reason, or any extra time to do so, but with a baby on the way, and no place to relocate this dresser, this refinishing project came to life. 

After removing all of the existing hardware, I sanded everything down, omitting the use of a chemical stripper because I'm pregnant. The finish actually came off quite easily. I think because it was such an old dresser. I filled in the holes from the previous hardware with Plastic Wood filler. Another few swipes with the sander and I was ready to stain.

I prepped the wood with Minwax Wood Conditioner before applying the stain. I purchased Minwax Stain in Ebony. This color is very intimidating. It looks black when you open the can, but once you apply the black to the wood color, it turns into an espresso like brown-black. Immediately I was in love with the color. Another coat of stain and a long overnight drying and onto the varnish. I used a Minwax Polyurethane varnish in clear satin.

The hardware I picked up from Ikea a month or so ago and my husband helped me install it. I was so worried about getting the two holes exactly 5 and 1/16" apart that after trying to get my measurements perfect for about 30 minutes, I decided I should hold off on my project until my husband could help me. He knocked out the task without any difficulty and taught me a thing or two about how to install this type of hardware in the future.

Here is the dresser before. 



And here it is after all my hard work! 


This photo really shows the holes from the existing hardware that I filled in, but I'm thinking it's just the garage lighting. (My husband has so many lights in our garage, it's as bright as an operating room.) Hopefully when we put this in the house, it won't be as noticeable. We'll be using this as a dresser in our daughter's room and will put a changing pad on the top so it will double as a changing table.