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5 Minutes & 2 Treats - Pregnany Update #34


Before paying for, and sitting through, a very disappointing 2.5 hour class on Preparing Your Pet for Baby, I decided Rockwell would not be allowed into the nursery. He can stand in the door/doorway and wait and look in, but he is not allowed in.

One weekend Dan was helping me put together the crib and we decided it was time to start training Rockwell to stay out of this room. I believe our task of keeping Rockwell out of the room took 2 dog treats and 5 minutes. When Rockwell would wander through the doorway, we would simply stand up, say, "out" and direct him to the doorway. I would then return to the crib assembly and when Rockwell tried to come into the nursery, I would say "out" and direct him to the door again. At one point, when he went out the door very quickly, I gave him a treat. After about 5 minutes, he got the idea. And when it was all said and done, we spent 2 treats on our training.

Occasionally he tries to come in, and I tell him out and occasionally give him a treat. For the most part, he will just stand in the doorway. If I am in the nursery for an extended period of time, he will lay in the doorway.