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Coming out of the Closet - Pregnancy Update #35

In August, I decided to take a photo of the closet in the nursery. I thought it might be fun to see how it "grows" as we get closer to her arrival.

It began as this on August 22nd....



On October 29th it looked like this....



Here is it's progression. Perhaps my nesting started in October? I like to think my "free time" began in October! That's when I sorted, washed and hung the clothing my sister gave to us. I didn't enjoy it at all! It seemed like such a hassle to wash and dry all of those clean clothes and then hang them up according to size! 



Currently my closet organization system includes clothing sorted by type: Long Sleeve Onesies, Outfits and Sleepers. Within the types of clothing, I have them organized by size, smallest to largest. There is a costume section that includes a ballerina, butterfly and a lobster and a winter coat section that houses a few lightweight snow suits and some winter coats.

If anyone has any organization suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know! I'm always up for suggestions!