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Stroller Inspector

Our dog, Rockwell, is a very unique dog. He frequently wants to be by your side and next to you whenever you work on any sort of project - planting flowers, scrubbing a spot off the floor, hammering a nail, changing car oil, etc. We frequently call him the "inspector" when he works next to us. Some names we have given to him are Health Inspector, Quality Control Inspector, Safety Inspector, Closet Inspector and most recently, I call him the Stroller Inspector.

My friend and I went shopping at Buy Buy Baby over the weekend and she was looking for a stroller for her daughter. We probably spent about 45 minutes in the stroller department, checking out features, folding and unfolding strollers, gawking at the expensive ones we could never afford and then she set her eyes on a basic umbrella stroller that fit her budget. We played with the stroller and after the store saleswoman told us all we needed to know about the stroller, I was already sold on it and figured I should get one if she does not. Well, at the end of our shopping trip, we both got one.

I took the stroller home, took it out of the box and showed my husband. I rolled it around the island of our kitchen to see if my dog was the least bit interested in it and he was not. But after I "parked" the stroller by the couch, Rockwell decided he needed to give it a full inspection. I snapped these photos of him inspecting the inside of the stroller.